After four weeks confined, fatigue and weariness are felt. To keep in Olympic form until May 11, coaches and sports clubs are taking action and offering fun online courses accessible on social networks.


Well in his body and in his head. Appart Fitness also thinks of children with free physical activity sessions for 5 to 13 year olds. Up to 7 years old, they learn different steps and song lyrics, then play mime games as part of the “Kids” offer. Older children can opt for “L’Appart Move”. They alternate dance moves, martial arts and yoga for forty-five minutes.


Usually, clients enter a Parisian studio plunged into semi-darkness to follow a 50% boxing, 50% bootcamp session, to music pushed to the max. If the place is closed until further notice, the exercises can be done at home. Punch Boxing Studio offers the possibility of following a course program on Instagram provided by highly motivated coaches. A unique opportunity to release the pressure and let off steam after a day of teleworking or homeschooling.


Located between the Madeleine church and the Palais Garnier, this top-of-the-range venue, which is currently closed, is quietly waiting, like the others, to reopen its doors. In the meantime, yoga, crossfit or floor barre classes are offered free of charge on the La salle de sport with Reebok Instagram account , with a schedule that changes every week. On the Zoom application, you can discover disciplines such as Pilates Fusion by taking courses (10 euros).


Sun salutations aren’t just for adults. The Tigre Yoga Club, whose centers are popular with all Parisian yogis, offers two daily lives for the family on its official Facebook page: the first at 11 a.m. for parents, a second at 5 p.m. for children. Those who want a more sustained and intense training can register on the Tiger Yoga Play application, which offers a monthly subscription for 8 euros during confinement.


This journalist and qualified coach, with a contagious good mood, makes us want to get up from our sofa and give up the bar of chocolate that has been largely used up for a pair of leggings, a pair of dumbbells and a rubber band. To obtain J-Lo’s buttocks and a toned body, Julie Pujols-Benoit has developed a “special confinement” box at 12 euros, available in particular on her Les Cours de Julie website , and which includes three lessons of twenty minutes each (” Barre Fitness”, “Pilates Booty” and “Power Pilates”). If you want to continue the effort, Julie Pujols-Benoit also organizes free live sessions every two days, at 6:30 p.m., on her Instagram account.


L’Usine’s select sports clubs (Paris, Brussels and Geneva) make a full program available free of charge every day on its social networks (Instagram and Facebook): videos including training sessions concocted by experts, well-being advice, and healthy recipes to prepare at home before or after your sports session. Muscle strengthening classes, circuit training, abs and buttocks, yoga and Pilates classes, athletes have plenty of choice to sweat and try to keep the line.


If we cannot take advantage of the sumptuous setting of this Parisian spot at the moment, we nevertheless try to keep the fishing going by following the courses available on Instagram of yoga, muscle strengthening, animal moove, circuit training or stretching… Every three days, the La Montgolfière coaches post sequences of four to five exercises for subscribers. Just follow the movements detailed by video. Tours are also available.


The personalities coach, who opened his digital sports club just before confinement, offers support on social networks (Facebook and Instagram) and his YouTube channel. It combines stretching and muscle strengthening classes for long intense sequences, but accessible to all. Christophe Ruelle explains each movement in a simple way, and specifies how often it should be repeated according to its level.

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