Blockbuster cooperation between Disney

In the past few years, the superhero theme in Marvel Comics has been continuously exploited by filmmakers and achieved great success. Not stopping there, even game makers do not want to ignore this “gold mine”.

Although mobile platforms still can’t deliver the great experiences that blockbuster superhero movies bring to audiences, the mobile game market share with this game theme has always been exploited. radical, and Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a prime example.

Sponsored by a famous producer, Marvel’s Midnight Suns is the result of a combination of Disney and Marvel. It takes gamers to the battle of superheroes against the enemy Nekron.

As a free superhero-themed game, Marvel’s Midnight Suns gathers a cast of famous characters such as Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, … Players will feel satisfied with the great 3D visual effects, sound Explosion and bombardment bars are invested as well as the graphics are designed monumentally.

Teased by a not-so-long trailer, but Marvel’s Midnight Suns was enough to make gamers excited by a series of scenes like distilled water. Most importantly, Marvel’s Midnight Suns has officially set a December 2 release date on all platforms. Although delayed than expected, surely the details revealed in the last trailer will be a great motivation for gamers to eagerly wait for the release date.

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Through the video, it can be seen that the game still uses content revolving around stories against the forces of darkness. In the game, you will meet again Lilith – a villain with the power to unleash creatures from hell, bringing a threat to the entire universe.

It seems, the game still retains the gameplay of the traditional RPG genre, staging quite detailed and meticulous images from the character’s moves to the boss fighting system or weapon upgrade skills. and strength.

Currently, information about Marvel’s Midnight Suns is still kept private. However, the basic details have also been gradually revealed. Let’s wait with 2game for this super product to be released on December 2nd!

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