Conqueror’s Blade officially opens the Arena on September 1

Rise to glory as a gladiator champion in the all-new Arena mode! Fight in a 6v6 battle in the biggest arena of all time with limited lives and only one cannonball per player, with the crowd cheering in excitement through the messenger’s narration.

You can learn more about the mode, including gameplay and map design, on the official website in the coming weeks. Then experience the spectacle when the season launches on September 1. For players ready to join the battle, “we saltue you”!

Join the battle with the new legions

Even the greatest champions need powerful allies. Fight to survive with units in a new Season inspired by the gladiators and soldiers of Ancient Rome:

Dimachaeri (3 stars): Warriors fight for their lives in the Arena, the Dimachaeri are armed with twin-sword antelopes on the battlefield, and their leaping attacks cannot be stopped.

+ Myrmillones (4 stars): A longtime champion, Myrmillones was born for greatness. Armed with swords and shields, they can knock enemies out with ease.

+ Retiarii (5 stars): The most brutal of the Gladiator Battles when they are in an open skirmish, the Retarii is a completely different type of soldier. Their tridents were deadly as a sign of death, cursing their enemies as they charged with their prey.

Rise like a champion in the new season

Embark on an all-new Season’s Campaign inspired by the Roman Empire and their legendary Gladiator Games. The Emperor of the Herazlan Empire is losing his favor and authority over his domain as a mysterious and powerful new faction rises from the shadows and a plot within the palace is turning against him. .

Experience Gladiator Games in a tumultuous political landscape. Unleash your experience in the starting region of Borderlands or Batholia and play each week for glory in the Colosseum. Battle the Territory Wars twice a week with your House and complete the Stages to prepare for the final clash in Anliang at the end of the Season.

Pre-order the premium mission pack

Pre-order the Colosseum Premium Mission Pack to instantly receive exclusive bonus content and when Conqueror’s Blade: Colosseum releases. The following instant rewards are only available when you pre-order the in-game Battle Pass by September 1st:

+ Pass the season: Effective from September 1!

+ 10x Trooper Medals: Each Soldier Medal grants 5,000 Legion XP for a selected unit.

+ 50,000 VND: In-game currency.

+ 1x Troop of Souls: This allows War Scholar to excavate ancient battlefields and collect Doctrines to give your Legion useful rewards.

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