Metal Hellsinger review – Diabolical symphony

Music is a matter of taste, that’s a fact. It is also a generational art, where each style has its era and marks its time in one way or another. Rap has this aura of thug or gangster music still well anchored among the less young among us, when metal still sounds like degenerate or Satan worshipper music. Today, Metal Hellsinger came to set the record straight.

A real ode to frenzied riffs and hoarse and disembodied voices, the team behind the title gives us a singular proposal, halfway between Guitar Hero and Doom, never forgetting to assert its originality. It will be necessary to be partisan of the style, certainly, but the trip to the end of hell is worth the candle. Is the atypical gameplay of this Metal Hellsinger just a gimmick or does it deserve our full attention?

The rhythm is fantastic

Metal Hellsinger is original in that it mixes the nervous gameplay of a Doom-like game with the musical dynamics of a rhythm game. Arrows creeping closer to the center of the screen will be your visual cues, while your ears will be your most valuable tools for timing your shots or sword swings in time to the music to inflict some serious damage to waves of demons that will stand in your way.

The beginnings will be difficult, you will have to try, fail, learn to finally succeed, but after only a few minutes, you will find yourself chaining kills. This newly acquired mastery will then allow you to increase your fury gauge, increasing your damage at the same time and triggering the arrival of singing in the level’s music track. A great way to mix in-game rewards and song progression.

Even if one would be tempted to shoot at all costs without worrying about the rhythm, it is strongly advised to pay attention to it. First, scoring enthusiasts will be encouraged by the presence of points to accumulate, which will be much more numerous if your attacks hit in rhythm. Then, it’s the enjoyable side of shooting, jumping, dashing in synchrony with the sounds of guitar and drums while doubling your damage that will force you to pay attention to all your movements. Killing in three shots an enemy that would have asked you for six is ​​a treat.

An infernal arsenal, made of metal

Of course, to exact your revenge and regain your voice, you won’t just be armed with your fists. You’ll start with a blade that’s easy to pick up, but you’ll quickly get new points to make. From the Persephone shotgun to revolvers, to a crossbow capable of doing damage over a large area if the bolt is fired at the right time, you will have enough to crush demons on all occasions.

But that’s not all. When you complete a Hell, the title levels, you will unlock challenges which, if you complete them, will grant you bonuses to equip. Some will allow you to not lose your rhythm streak if you fail once, while others will increase your damage if your hit points reach a certain threshold. With each new hell, it will be essential to develop your strategy, choose your weapons and your bonuses in order to triumph over the enemies you come across.

The clashes are also well thought out, and new enemies are added as the game progresses. Metal Hellsinger is generous, even in the particularly successful boss fights and with their own musical track, different from that of the level. You can easily switch from one weapon to another, and reloading in rhythm will even allow you to gain precious seconds to continue your orchestral carnage.

A five-star cast, a definitely metal soundtrack

Metal Hellsinger did not just offer music inspired by the metal universe. Indeed, The Outsiders have pulled out all the stops to deliver a true sensory experience, teaming up with well-known names who have all done exemplary work, increasing the immersion and ambient chaos that the band delivers- original over the levels.

Whether Alissa White-Gluz , singer of Arch Enemy, Mikael Stanne, singer of Dark Tranquillity, or even Serj Tankian , iconic singer of System of a Down, the studio has surrounded itself with recognized talents and various personalities in order to dress its title with an eclectic and electric musical dress. The atmosphere of the software is reinforced and we will enjoy listening to the music via the playlist available in game.

All these beautiful people find themselves in hell, accompanying us in our quest for revenge during which we pursue both the Red Judge and the fragments of our lost voice. An infernal epic punctuated by frenzied riffs and solos which are so many invitations to headbanging in a universe where demonicide is a source of pleasure and promises of insomnia.

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