“FINAL FANTASY XIV” (hereafter, “FFXIV”) released a major update, patch 6.3 “Heavenly Festival, Earth Rumbling” today, January 10th (Tuesday). Until now, the online game “FFXIV” was based on multiplayer with other players in many dungeons, but with today’s update, all the dungeons (*) that appear in the main story up to level 60 can be played alone. You can now attack with We would like to introduce the “Content Supporter” system that enables such a wide range of play styles!

*Battle content for a four-person party

What kind of system is “content supporter”?
“Content Supporter” is a system that allows you to challenge instanced dungeons that appear in the main story together with computer characters called “Support NPCs”. In other words, if you use this system, you can capture the dungeon alone.

Participating in a once-in-a-lifetime party with other players is one way to enjoy it, but for those who say, “I want to enjoy the story, so I want to progress at my own pace,” or “I’m new to the dungeon, so I want to practice battles without hesitation.” I hope you will too.
When challenging a dungeon, you can choose to challenge with other players or use a “content supporter”. No matter what job you choose, don’t worry, the NPC will adjust your role and follow you.
As for the charm only by “contents supporter”!
In “Content Supporters”, key characters that appear in the main story may also participate as “Support NPCs”. Of course, you can see the reassuring fighting style, but one of the points to pay attention to is the character’s lines that are sometimes shown!
 There is no doubt that the “feeling of adventuring together” will increase and you will be able to feel your friends more familiar. Even if you challenged a dungeon with another player, you should be able to make new discoveries by playing it again using the “content supporter”.

Now that it’s easier than ever to play, let’s start the “Free Trial”!
“FFXIV” has a “Free Trial” that allows you to play the game up to level 60 for free without a time limit. Speaking of level 60, from the story “Reborn Eorzea” where one adventurer becomes a hero as a warrior of light, to the story “Ishgard of the Blue Sky” which puts an end to the battle between dragons and humans that has continued for a thousand years. It will actually be the volume of two RPG works!
With today’s update, “content supporters” will support all instanced dungeons that appear in the main story of “Ishgard in the Blue Sky”. You can now freely enjoy the story with your favorite play style, whether you are alone or with everyone. Please experience “FFXIV” now that it has become easier to play than ever before.

The story of “FFXIV” begins with customizing your own character and setting off on an adventure as the main character. There, you’ll find a solid story typical of the FINAL FANTASY series, charming characters, and encounters with adventurers you’ve never seen before. First of all, why don’t you jump into the world of “FFXIV” with the “Free Trial”?

Don’t worry if you think “I want to play again!” on the way! “Free trial” data can be carried over to the product version as it is. Please purchase the product version and enjoy the endless world of “FFXIV”.

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