Some tips for a healthy and sporty lifestyle

Understand where bad habits come from  Everyone has their own way of dealing with stress and boredom. Shopping, drinking without moderation, smoking, surfing “eternally” on the internet, snacking 24 hours a day, these are the behaviors identified to meet this need to get rid of stress and boredom.  Don’t panic, it’s already good if you recognize […]

Why did the site “” have to close?

A false good idea From the opening, the site was saturated . Ministry of Education, associations of parents, teachers, and the media, were immediately unleashed against the site by denouncing its lack of morality . Burst of conscience, sincere or not, too many orders (“thousands”, according to its founder) or consequence of this media outburst: twenty-four hours after its opening, the […]

Is my child dyslexic?

Signs of possible dyslexia Advice from Monique Touzin, speech therapist Explanations and advice from Monique Touzin This listing is obviously not intended to establish a diagnosis. It is simply intended to alert you to certain signs frequently present in dyslexic children. What is dyslexia? Monique Touzin : this is a specific reading learning disorder: it does not […]