Summer Game Fest was a good media event, but what’s next

Microsoft’s showcase may have been delivered digitally, but there was a small lecture hall where you could sit and watch. Fans were there too, making a fuss as usual. Phil Spencer, Sarah Bond, Matt Booty, Todd Howard and a team of Microsoft executives took to the stage. It’s smaller, but it’s not a million miles away from the […]

How to create an attractive open world

Open-world games have surged in popularity as immersive playgrounds that captivate players with endless possibilities for exploration and adventure. From vast landscapes teeming with hidden treasures to bustling cities pulsing with life, these virtual worlds are the pinnacle of modern level design.  But what makes an open world so appealing? This article explores the key principles, techniques, […]

10 Years of Supporting Japanese Indies: The Story of BitSummit

If you look at Japanese indie games in 2012, a different picture emerges. Although the performance was comparable to that of other countries, it was a private and small-scale activity, lacking commercial and cultural awareness both domestically and internationally.  Q Games is an exception, having been self-publishing since its inception and later partnering with Sony to […]

CEO Ryan, who was forced to compromise with Microsoft, and President Furukawa, who shows remorse for restarting remarks

I’d like to start this month with the FTC’s case involving Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard. On July 12, Japan time, the application for provisional injunction by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) was rejected. As a result, with the exception of the UK’s CMA (Competition & Markets Authority), there are no barriers to takeovers.  The view that […]